jeep downhill2.pngHeather Lewis and Jenn Zipp Richmond join together as Team Meraki One Eleven to compete in the Rebelle Rally this October. They began training early this year to get ready for the adventure, that will challenge their minds and get their hearts revving! This is your invitation to join them along their journey. Read on for info about the rally and find out more about Team Meraki One Eleven.

What is the Rebelle Rally? It is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States. Approximately 2,000 Kilometers starting in the beautiful Lake Tahoe and finishing in the majestic Southern California desert. An adventure designed for stock vehicles, not race cars, a challenge of navigation, patience, and strategy.  No GPS or electronic gadgets are used to help us find our way, just the good old paper maps, a compass, and four wheels. It is not about computers and gadgets, the Rebelle is about empowerment of self, the development of confidence, competence, and community.

Please click through our site to learn more about our upcoming adventure. An opportunity awaits. Make it happen!!